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Peter Ness Private Math Tutor

   All parents would like to see their children do well in school. It’s important to identify early on any signs of your child needing that little extra help. There is no reason to put off giving them the benefit of a tutor to improve their skills. Particularly important for math, where its linear nature is that each new lesson builds on the previous lesson.


   I have been tutoring mathematics and statistics for over 15 years, offering all levels: elementary school, high school, college and university, and am very familiar with the Ontario mathematics curriculum, especially at the high school level. Students I tutor achieve high levels of success, meeting and often surpassing their educational goals. My teaching style emphasizes the students’ individual needs, skill levels, and language knowledge. I teach the understanding of the formula not the memorizing.

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 Looks like it might be time for a little math tutor help.

With a little tutoring help over 95% of all students can successfully complete grade 12 math.

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Affordable, Experienced Math Teacher Toronto Junction

    I tutor at my home office in the west end of Toronto Junction area but other locations can be arranged for your convenience.

 My rate is $60 per private lesson, lessons last up to 75 minutes. I also provide tutoring in piano, bass and music theory at www.peternessmusicstudio.ca